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June Book Haul

Hi everyone. I hope that you are all having a good evening. I can’t believe that it’s the end of June already, and that the year is already half over. 

I also can’t believe that this reading slump I’ve been stuck in has lasted over a month. However, that being said, I can happily say that it is now over. Yay! 

Look what I got today:

The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen 

I am so, so excited to read it! The Queen of the Tearling was my first read of 2016 and I adored it. I wanted to rush out and get the second one immediately after finishing it but I resisted because I didn’t want the books to be mismatched. Kind of silly, I know. But it was worth it in the end, because look how pretty they look together…

And also, this is just the book I need to get out of my reading slump. 

Since I wasn’t reading this month I didn’t let my self go crazy and buy as many books as I usually do. So, my monthly book haul is much smaller than normal. Though, I did find these two gems at the Dollar Store, of all places…

The Prince of Ravenscar By Catherine Coulter

Red Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch

Both of these buys were definitely influenced by cover-lust, and the fact that I couldn’t resist the idea of getting two hardcovers for $6. Still though, since they are historical fiction, I’m sure that O will enjoy them when I do get around to reading them. 

Anyone read them yet? What is your favourite book from your book haul this month? 

Well, that’s all for now. Keep an eye out for a review of The Invasion of the Tearling in the next little while. 

Thanks for stopping by, 


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